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Rodrigo Bentancur

Live I thought it was red, still do. There was no intent to play the ball, he was late and high. It's reckless and endangering the opponent

What is the counter? no studs? so if I fudge a player up but don't use my studs it's ok?
Perhaps reckless tackle + confirmed long term injury = suspension? That's doable.

While there will be grey areas and debatable interpretations with a rule like this, it could potentially deter the likes of Cash enough to get rid of the most cynical tackles.
Was disgusting. To injure a player purposely is bad karma. Especially as it was his first start after a long lay off.
That's done it. Cash is 26 so he will have 4 or 5 years of every touch getting booed against us.

He’ll be the in championship in a couple of years. He’s brick.

Goes without saying a lot of our fans on Twitter are going to far abusing him and his family but Villa fans are either being intentionally thick or seem to be forgetting:

1. Bentancur has just returned from a 9 month layoff
2. Cash has previous and got away with an even worse foul on Doherty and put him out for months. I’ve seen people mention that he injured Hojbjerg too but I don’t remember that one.
3. He only got a yellow card for both fouls

Not sure what’s more embarrassing, his tackling or the fact that a grown man still calls himself Matty. Matt or Matthew is appropriate, Matty is a child’s name.
I suggested it in another thread when Maddison was kicked around, that a solution could perhaps be a straight yellow for whoever makes the fourth/fifth foul on the same player in a single game. Or something along those lines.

Make it about the player who is getting fouled, not about who fouls him. I think it could work.

I like that idea, not sure exactly how it should be implemented to ensure it to be non-inflammatory and hard to misuse, but if possible it would be a great protection to the best players.

It could be with a warning-step; after three fouls on one player, either the captain or the bench is notified: One more, and your captain or manager gets sent off, in addition to any card the next foul itself warranted. It could be under the "failing to control players"-clause, although a lot of laws would need to be altered. But if they really were serious about protecting the best players it would be a fascinating thing to try out.

But hey, we had a manager (term used very losely!) sent off for staring vacantly out on the pitch under that clause, so....
Do we know if he tore the ligament or just strained it?

The update on the Spurs website deliberately or otherwise missed out the word where its about to state exactly what is wrong with him. See below.

After undergoing scans this week, it has now been confirmed that the Uruguayan has suffered an - that injury is expected to keep him out for the rest of 2023

Amazing really that it was kept so quiet. Apart from his wife's message yesterday, which was taken as being a bit cryptic because it couldn't possibly have meant he was actually ready to play, there was really no indication he was likely to be in the matchday squad, never mind starting.
He looked a bit tentative today at times, perhaps not surprising given what happened last time he came back from injury, but brilliant to have him back all the same and no doubt he will get full confidence back in no time.
He raised the team, he makes the midfield work and is calming, no panic, press resistant, can break the lines with a pass or a stride.

Welcome back!
Yeah him Maddison and Sarr will be really interesting. In fairness when everyone is fit there's going to be a fair battle for positions in midfield, especially if we are in the market for a CM this window.
Maddison, Sarr and Bentancur for me will be our best midfield
Had thought Sarr was most at risk after Bissouma's start to the season but as it's gone on, Sarr's looked a better option IMO. Some great options to have though. F**k me, we were missing our entire first choice midfield from the start of the season today plus GLC and absolutely dominated that area of the pitch.