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Server move


Paul Miller
Staff member
Our VPS that the site is hosted on is reaching end of life. At some point over the next two months I'll be moving over to a new one. It's quite likely that I'll use the opportunity to update the forum software to the latest version as well.

In the past, usernames, posts, history etc have all migrated fairly well but password hashes and login sessions don't tend to. So can everyone please make sure they have a valid email address registered against their account as you may need to send yourself a password reset when we switch over.


Please check your email address but do not change it if it's incorrect. Some people are not receiving confirmation emails and are getting lock out of their account.

If your address in your profile is incorrect, PM me and I'll change it.

Another update. Email seems to be fixed for now, you should be able to receive them as normal.
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Does this mean we can now have a down vote button? :cool:

I think the latest Xenforo has six default reactions: like, sad, love, angry, astounded, laugh. That covers most bases. Disgust, boredom and schadenfreude are the ones that would be worth paying for as add-ons.
An early morning plea from @nelto - curiously this doesn't get recognised as a user during typing - e2a, recognised on saving.

Could someone do me a favour please and post in the Server thread?

I went onto my profile and changed my email address in anticipation of the upcoming upgrade. The site said that I would receive a confirmation email. Despite trying three different email addresses nothing has come through. I can still log on to the forum and read posts, but can't post. I sent a message via the site's contact page, but haven't received a response.