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Mens fashion...

I'll let you off as long as you are not wearing it in the departure lounge. It's still a bit too much like wearing a hat whilst driving for my taste.
You'll understand when you go bald and winter comes around. Flippin freezin
You'll understand when you go bald and winter comes around. Flippin freezin

My pet hate is people wearing flip flops whilst flying. My only consolation is that they would be easy to catch if the plane crashed and I was getting peckish.
I don't wear flops, but I do remove my shoes on longer flights.
Scum. Sub-human scum.

Had to give up my seat on my recent flight home from the Canary Islands. I was sat all the way at the back, and in came a rather portly fellow wearing shorts and flip flops. He had the bricks, badly. Sweating. He had to go 6-7 times during the flight.
I quite like the look of it, which is undoubtedly a very bad sign. Avoid at all costs.

I see that satisfaction is 400% guaranteed.
Buy it. You'll be satisfied with it.
Orvis customer service are gonna be in for a rough ride (literally) when some old git, who looks a little like a west coast millionaire trying to look casual, turns up ready for his guaranteed satisfaction.