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Tottenham Hotspur Women

we we lost the opening game to Chelsea. Last years winners. 2-1, not a bad result. I don't really keep up with the women's team. have we made good signings? on the up at all?
Played well today, and against Chelsea actually.

Playing the same style as the men's so I wonder if an effort was made to get in a coach with the same philosophy and have and identity through all the teams.
Big match today. Based on recent results, it could get ugly. Would be nice to get a result and damage their title hopes.
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I think you’re posting media links but they’re not appearing for me. Is it just me, do I need to change something in my settings?

Nice win for the Ladies, well done. What was the attendance?
Yeah it seems like Twitter embeds have broken for me in the last day or two. Can’t see the ones I post, nor from others.