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PDC Darts Competitions 2024

Asked about his preparation for Wednesday's final, Littler added: "I'll be doing what I've been doing. In the morning I'll go for my ham and cheese omelette and then come here, have a pizza and then prep on the board. That is what I've done every day."
I can believe that. Not skipped any meals that chap.
That pause before the dart for the chance to go 5-2. How crucial will that moment be?

4-3 back on throw. I think that is the turning point
they are kicking the brick out of each other, but both taking it and kicking back

incredible stuff, and people say this isn't sport
Brave effort but its going away from him now 4-5

Going to take something special to come back from this
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Gutted for him. But he has not disgraced himself. If he could just hold his throw and make it 5-6 and at least put some pressure on Humphries, but I feel the race might be run now