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Pedro Porro

I don’t think there was one fan who thought he could play, and excel in a back 4. He couldn’t defend in a back 3/5… so it was a fair call

But he is just oozing class now every game. I always believe that we will make mistakes at the back. That’s the game and the way we play. The key is how a player recovers and he has been flying
I was at least open to the idea of that working out well, but I didn't think it would happen that quickly.

I also thought he was better as a one vs one defender than most people, he has improved, but he wasn't as bad at that as some were making out imo.

Depends very much on the actual system being played, but for me a wing back role (back 3/5) isn't necessarily easier defensively than a full back role (back 4) defensively.
Another somewhat related point...

When we signed him at payed a lot of money, particularly for a full/wing back at that point unproven in the PL. We did so at a time when there was real uncertainty about Conte's future here and with that a real uncertainty about if we would be playing with wing backs for much longer.

I think at the time I wanted the target to be a wing back (Conte obviously wanted and needed a wing back) that could also play as a full back if we ended up changing the system. I can't know if that was the mandate behind the scenes, but if it was they hit it out of the park with Porro and that may explain why we went that big for him when there were other wing back options available.
I literally didn't think the man could defend. 😅

Man I hate 3 at the back, it's such an awkward system to get right and is so easy to get wrong and make fools of your players.

I think Conte's midfield 2 never protected enough and left all the defenders exposed

That said, still didn't see him being what he is now, like someone else had mentioned earlier, saw him more as a TAA, worth it attacking but always a fudging liability.

The work he has done (it has been mentioned defensive staff has been working with him 1:1) on training ground is a testament to his effort and ability.
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I actually think Porro has improved immensely as a defender this season

My concern is he's traded a little bit of his attacking game for it.

One of the reason I'd like to add a top level #6 to the team, so we can free him (and others) up again.

what's your definition of a six? When I was growing up 5 and 6 were the centrehalves - 4 and 8 were the midfielders....
Thought today was one of his poorest games to be honest. Defensively really poor after so much improvement this year. Great goal though.
Thought today was one of his poorest games to be honest. Defensively really poor after so much improvement this year. Great goal though.
I thought he was fine but has no support when they attacked

The first goal was Romero diving in and leaving Porto exposed
Got a lot of sticky recently (he hast been playing well), but had a great game today

I think he struggles between switching attack/defense in game

- He's had games really good defensively with little going forward
- He's had games where he's really good going forward, not so much defensively.

Still young, really first season in PL as a FB in an Ange system, more to come from this guy.

Still one of the few in the side that will take his shot more often than not.