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On this day

Just remembered the other day. March 13th 1999, 25 years ago - saw my first Tottenham game live at White Hart Lane. We beat Villa 1-0, after a goal from Tim Sherwood in the 88th minute. A week later we beat Leicester in the league cup final.
16/3/1985, Liverpool 0 Spurs 1.

First win there since the Titanic sank.
Was at that game and it was mad at the final whistle, i had been going up to Anfield for years and we always found a way of losing to them. Crooks got the winner and i will never forget the madmess when the final whistle went, we did the double that season over them 1-0 ih both games.
Can't remember what thread it was referenced in so will stick it in here.
Postie delivered my copy of gareths book this morning, not had a chance to look through it yet but looking forward to getting stuck into it.