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On this day


Scott Houghton
7/3/1959, Spurs 6 Leicester 0, one of 99 occasions Spurs have scored 6 or more in major matches, last time was also v. Leicester 6-2 in 2022.
That City game was the Sunday after we got battered 6-0 by Sheffield United on the Tuesday/Wednesday at their place. Couldn't believe what I was hearing on 5 Live as those goals went in - remember being sick in bed and off school at the time. Was bricking myself especially when City went ahead early. Then we ripped them a new one. Nayim with 3 and Sedgley before Terry Phelan scored a wonder consolation. We really hit a good bit of form under Clemence and Livermore towards the end of that season as the likes of Barmby and Anderton came through. Then Sugar v Venables happened...