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Ratings v Stoke

Discussion in 'Spurs News & Views' started by Mulletperm, 21 Mar 2012.

  1. DubaiSpur

    DubaiSpur Jimmy McCormick

    29 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Ottawa, actually.
    Friedel gets a 5. If he'd just come out for that ball, rather than stay rooted to his line, it wouldn't have been a goal. I can understand his reluctance to do so, but this is stoke we're playing; take some risks, command your box. It's vital.
    Defence gets a 6. Decent job.
    Midfield is varied. Bale gets a 5.5. STAY. ON. THE. LEFT. GARETH.
    Modric gets a 6.
    Parker gets a 6.
    Niko gets a 4.
    VdV gets a 6.5 (bumped for the goal).

    Saha gets a 1. If he hadn't taken that one decent shot in the first half, he'd have gotten a 0.1.

    Defoe - 5.
    Gio - 5.

    Harry - 6 for the team selection, -1, 999, 999, 999, 999 for NOT PUTTING TOGETHER SOME SET PIECE PRACTISE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE
    Last edited: 21 Mar 2012
  2. sp61urs

    sp61urs Fraizer Campbell

    24 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    ...you are joking!
  3. ArcspacE

    ArcspacE Banned

    14 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    I Have 90 Infraction Points
    Friedel - 5 - should have come out for their goal

    Walker - 6 - tried
    King - 5 - not his best game
    Kaboul - 6 - ok
    BAE - 7 - MotM

    Krunchie - 3 - the sooner this caricature of an overweght footballer leaves the club, the better for all parties involved
    VdV - 6 - vital goal
    Modric - 5 - sloppy in possession
    Parker - 5 - isolated and ineffective

    Defoe - 5 - invisible
    Saha - 3 - pathetic display from a pathetic signing

    Gio - 5 - no time / no impact
    Nelsen - 3 - nearly cost us a pen again. Slower than an oil tanker. Shocking player - hope he never has to play as we look like we'll concede every time he's on

    Arry - 2. Leaving your most in-form player (Defoe) on the bench again in order to justify the ludicrous signing of Saha has now cost us dearly and possibly Champions League football next year. Not to mention the insistance to play a man-down by inlcuding Kranjcar in the starting 11.
  4. ArnieArdiles

    ArnieArdiles Milenko Acimovic

    19 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    I'm glad a few of you are pointing out Friedel's reluctance to come out for any high balls ... The ball that bounced off a head/shoulder, looping up into the air, should've seen our goalie going for and getting there, before it was met by the boot of Jerome...But to stay rooted on his goal line was poor ....
    I think Gomes would've got blame for that one ...
  5. chicken_badge

    chicken_badge Gudni Bergsson

    6 Feb 2012
    Likes Received:
    The signs are there I'm afraid.

    Still should have a role at the club, still could have a place in the squad. But no longer should be depended on as first XI and therefore after this season, we need a new captain.

    Not kneejerk after one game, it's been the last few.

    Sorry Ledley.
  6. mudshark

    mudshark Mitchell Thomas

    14 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Londain Thuaidh
    Friedel 6
    Walker 6
    Kaboul 6
    King 5
    Assou-Ekotto 7
    Kranjčar 4
    Parker 5
    Modrić 6
    Bale 7
    van der Vaart 7
    Saha 4

    Defoe 5
    Santos 5
    Nelsen -
  7. SteveAWOL

    SteveAWOL Paul Walsh

    23 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Friedel - 6 - Spectator.
    Walker - 6 - Poor crosses.
    Kaboul - 6 - Decent shift.
    King - 6 - Alright but not the colossus he once was.
    Assou-Ekotto - 7 - Delivered probably our best corner all game, made some good runs but largely ignored by Bale.
    Kranjcar - 5 - Languid, anonymous.
    Parker - 5.5 - Worked hard as always but gave away daft free kick which lead to their goal.
    Modric - 6.5 - Good shift in first half and twice came close to scoring, less effective 2nd half and poor corners.
    Bale - 7 - Some good runs, unlucky not to score, quality cross to VdV. Wish he'd stop drifting inside so much though.
    VdV - 6.5 - Worked hard and scored equaliser but his set-pieces were awful.
    Saha - 5 - Tested their keeper once but otherwise dire.

    Defoe - 5 - Never got into game.
    GDS - 5 - Never got into game.
  8. Jurgen the German

    Jurgen the German Chris Jones

    21 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Mexico..All's I'm saying
    Friedel - 6 Didn't have anything to do except the goal
    Walker - 6 Not his best game
    King - 5 His lack of pace has really started to show this season
    Kaboul - 6 Did ok against Crouch
    Ekotto - 7 Soild
    Krancjar - 3 Woeful
    Parker - 5 Been off form for a while now worryingly. Looks so limited going forward. Needs to just stay in our half.
    Modric - 5 Unsually ineffective
    Bale - 7 Great cross for the goal
    VDV - 7 One of the only players (along with Friedel) who looked like he gave a fudge!
    Saha - 4 Looks like a poor signing now.

    Defoe - 5 Didn't do anything worth noting
    Dos Santos - 5 Didn't have enough time infleunce the game
    Nelsen - 6
  9. Modrical

    Modrical Phil Gray

    22 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Agree with most of these ratings. Stoke being dirty cheating barstewards made it tough for Modric and Parker in the middle, and as good as Parker is for us, when Modric isn't feeding our strikers, i think Parker's attacking limitations are highlighted. Although if Parker didn't slip when closing in on goal in the first half, i would probably be saying different.

    VdV also needs to stop giving needless fouls away, especially when going for headers, as they are so obvious and easy for the ref to give. His wasted freekick in the 2nd half was shocking, as were his corners (kudos to the bloke in front of me who celebrated like we scored when a corner beat the first man after the 6th attempt or so as it made me laugh). I also think yesterday shows we need another player who can play on the wing as Kranjcar isn't that player.

    Stoke are also a horrible team, other than the 'usual' clubs i dislike, Stoke are definitely up there. Team of thugs with zero class who cheat and play act at every occasion
  10. paxtonwolf

    paxtonwolf Vic Buckingham

    14 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:

    I've said it before, but it really bugs me when I hear, .. Insert Players Name...will leave if we dont finish in the Top 4.

    As you rightly say, if we dont finish 3rd or 4th, the players are a massive part of that.
  11. paxtonwolf

    paxtonwolf Vic Buckingham

    14 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    I am inclined to agree. It was brilliant how he did it, buy earlier this season he was still able to not train and slot into the team and still perform as Ledley does, but recently his performances have began to drop, still decent, but not King-esque of old.
    Last night he looked really slow, shaky at times and a shadow of the legend we love. I'm hoping it was just a blip, but in all fairness he isnt a Bionic man and we have to accept eventually he will start to decline, the key is to know when to quit at the right time. I feel it could be Summer 2012, get him on the coaching staff, his experience will be a massive help to the likes of Caulker,Walker,Naughton and even Kaboul I suppose

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