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Best Homegrown XI

Yea Walker was good when he first came on the scene, by the late 90’s / early 00’s yes he was crap though.

Look at the defence he had in front of him, he wasn’t the greatest keeper around but he was better than most. Would have had more caps had he been 10 years younger, unfortunate to be up against Seaman and Martyn.
No you're memory's not lying. Barry Daines was imo one of our worst ever keepers. It could be argued that his misfortune was to follow the great Pat Jennings but the difference in class was just embarrassing. Handling was poor, couldn't catch crosses, prone to error, how it was possible for Burkinshaw to prefer him to the gentle giant was unfathomable.

Ian Walker may not have been in the same class as Pat either but until that unfortunate England game against Italy when his failure to stop a fierce shot from Zola that snuck inside his near post shattered his confidence he was at least half-decent and certainly several notches above the dreadful Daines.

You guys are probably right. I may have early Spurs fandom rose tinted glasses on regarding Barry Daines. He got Dropped for Milja Aleksik before we then bought Clemence. I hardly saw him play so im probably going more on nostalgia than anything. As for Walker, well he started well. His main problem for me was that he never beefed up and grew out of his younger frame. he has the skills to a certain degree but did not push on. That one where he smiled! I was at that game. I could see it was a smile as if to say well its all going wrong but damn did the fans turn on him.
Adam Smith has had a good career after leaving.

Another option at the back.

Paul Mcveigh had a pretty decent one as well - Not sure he is anywhere good enough for the squad though!