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***TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs West Ham United OMT***

I think where there is a difference generally in views on last night's game is that some don't see very many good chances created, others see that there were many, many opportunities to create excellent chances that didn't happen because of an extra touch, lateral ball, or general hesitancy at vital moments. I am in the latter camp.
I actually agree with you that there many chances to create quality chances. I just don't think we actually did it and the ones we did create weren't of great quality.
Personally, I pay little attention to XG. It's illustrative to an extent but can rarely be taken in isolation to reach any conclusions.

We didn't look like scoring second half. I'd venture a guess that the majority of our XG happened in the first half or, certainly, before they got their second. And that's the damning and problematic thing. Once they got ahead, we never looked like scoring. We could have been there until midnight and we still wouldn't have scored. When we had to go and chase and try to break down West Ham, we didn't even get close to doing it.
The last part of the game was a carbon copy of the Liverpool game, we never looked like scoring ,even against nine men until we got lucky.
I'm getting used to us coming out of the traps like a missile against those teams that are setup up to absorb and score on the break, and the momentum we generate seems to fizzle a touch if it doesn't go our way by around minute 25. This reflects what Ange is saying about belief.

Wet Spam parked two banks of four in front of us last night and said "go ahead" - in truth we never actually did. We scored from a corner, but the inverted winger last night was our downfall - time after time we were in need of someone getting to the bye line and then putting it in the mixer - we do it so well along the ground since Ange arrived - that was what was needed - a ball into an area where they can't play percentages. If we'd flipped Deki and Johnson even for 10 minutes in the first half it might have been very different because both could still come inside but their strength would be to go outside.

Instead what we got was a pausing, hovering Deki who didn't lose the ball but had to recycle back to PEH, and on the other side we lost the ball a lot with Udogie and Johnson trying stuff and it not coming off.

Lo Celso was also stifled a lot last night as through the middle was not where we were going to beat them.

The next evolution of this team (once everyone is fit also) is that we will go for the jugular, and work out how to beat teams who park the bus.

As to their goals - complete luck on the second, a couple of mistakes for the first, but we've been lucky and taken it, so we need to accept it when it goes against us.

I suspect we may shoot rather a lot more against the Geordies this weekend.
I hope so. And I hope Deki has a better game. Well I hope they all do. Would really like to Beat them seeing as they beat us twice last season.
Now I am tinkled. We really need to take our chances. Fulham just uselessed West Ham like tissue paper (Nigerian English).
West Ham weren't good against us, the breaks just fell their way and we didn't do enough to actually score more.
I thought they were the worst team we've played this season. Even Sheff Utd caught us on a few counter attacks and scored a good goal.
We only have ourselves to blame ( and bad luck to an extent) for the non show in the second half.
I actually agree with you that there many chances to create quality chances. I just don't think we actually did it and the ones we did create weren't of great quality.

That was my main compaint on the night, and we saw it was Ange's too. It all stems from the pace of play, and that goes back to midfield. The difference between PEH and Sarr is massive. PEH is a fine player who has given us everything possible and done a good job for us this season, but Sarr is just a quicker player, always looking to either play the ball fast or immediately take the ball forward quickly. His read and vision is superb for his age.