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Timo Werner

That's not the intro video of someone we expect to make up the numbers.
That's a video of someone we expect to be our new and long term no.9

The intro video is less key than the details of the deal, which is a loan with an option to buy*, best see how this goes before making big predictions imo.

We'll see but I think he'll get more time on the left rather than in the centre but it's obviously good to have options and to have versatile players for the front three.

I like this deal, I'll like it even more if he can grab a couple at Stanford bridge, we absolutely fudging owe them one and Werner has a point to prove...

*Edit - this is what has been widely reported but might not be correct so I probably shouldn't assume, let's see if it mentions it in the club statement I guess.
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Pleased with this signing, think he'll do well here and it seems a good financial deal too if we make it permanent.