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*** OMT Tottenham Hotspur FC v Sheffield United ***


Johnny nice-tits
Last game of the 23/24 season

We need 1 point to secure 5th place and a place in the Europa League

Porro Romero Dragusin VDV
Sarr PEH Bentacur
Johnson Son Maddison

I will be absolutely fuming if we don't win this comfortably, the are total dump and have conceded 101 goals so far

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A win and a rare clean sheet would be nice. I know the last few months haven’t been easy and the last few days in particular have been especially crap, however we have a chance to end the season on a high and honestly 5th with 66 points would represent progress obviously with a lot of work to do.
A team that can't stop conceding against a team that struggles to create. Sounds like a draw, which will do.
I played football ! at Bramall Lane when it was a part of Yorkshire's cricket ground. I also saw Spurs play there around the same time.
I was very impressed with the Sheff utd fans behind the goal at their end! Days sadly long gone by. Sheffield really was a foggy place full of smoke
from all the steel works back then. Me and Dad I remember went into a pub outside the ground and chatted with the local's that were all clad in flat andy caps.eeeby gum..a up!
Gee it takes me back😢
we need the summer to regroup and fill some needs. Sad to miss the CL but I would have taken the Europa at
the start of the season with so much change. Gives us more games to play younger players and squad players to keep them happy into next season.

they are a goal conceeding machine. Down already. But still last home game. if we score early I can see it being a good game. Lets hope for that.

Id like to see some of the youngsters get some game time. Not sure I trust scarlett at all. But prefer Son wide. they will probably play the low block until we break them down.

4-1 ( no clean sheet )

VDV with the opener.
i think its going to be very open and high scoring.

sheffield utd players putting themselves in the shop window knowing that levy will be watching, but we should have enough talent to beat them thoroughly when they eventually run out of steam. also i think the players would have taken notice of the gaffer's observations from the loss to Emirates Marketing Project. so spurs players playing for their careers too.

sheffield 2 -6 spurs
It would have been very interesting if we had beat City. Assuming we had own by 1 goal we would have had a -7 GD with Villa and would have to go for an 8-goal win to get 4th and to make sure we covered the possibility of them drawing with Palace. That would have been quite the finale.

But I digress. We should be happier that we lost and have no chance of CL, because it means that Arsenal will not win the title (which isn't even a foregone conclusion).
I admire your confidence lads.
This is fragile Spurs.
Expect the unexpected calamity.
In the last couple of months Sheff Utd drew with Fulham Bournemouth Cheatski and lost heavily to a load of other teams.

It is very possible for Spurs to mess this up. We need total focus and commitment or we'll come unstuck and end up in the Vauxhall Conference Europa Johnstones Trophy.