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*** Official TV Thread ***

Baby Reindeer on Netfilx was a cracking watch this week - disturbing dark comedy based on the real life events of the writer/lead actors experience being the victim of a stalker.

Shogun on Disney finished yesterday, top quality throughout and nailed the ending (imv)
Watched Baby Reindeer, very nearly in one sitting! It was like a good novel that you can’t put down.
Really enjoyed Manhunt on Apple TV. Fascinating backstory about the end of slavery which I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t know the confederacy had their own capital in Richmond for example, or that the Canadians sympathised with the southern states.
That episode in season 2 is an hour long panic attack.
It’s so intense
But brilliant with it
I really like cooking
Of it’s something I wanna make I experiment and buy the best ingredients I can
I accept that I’m gonna fudge it up a few times too
But seeing it in a confined space with the bodies and the noise it’s just great 📺
3 episodes in to The Offer - absolutely love it so far, if it maintains this level throughout it'll be one of the best