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Champions League 23/24

Oh what a shame....:)

Is Ally McCoist crying? He takes no pleasure in saying the best team won? (Strange thing to say)

Its all falling apart...slowly.

Ah well, all those Arsenal fans laughing at Kane. He may well still end up winning a trophy, albeit not the one we all expected

This might explain it.

Was at a sportsmans dinner on Friday night and one of the speakers was John "bomber" brown, ex player colleague of mccoist.
Told a story of a CL game against juve, ref visits the dressing room pre game, explains how the game will be reffed. As ref walks out of the door he says "may the best team win".
Gazza looks round the dressing room and says before saying "I fudging hope not."

BTW other speak was a George mcneil, ex pro sprinter, he is a fabulous speaker.