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Alfie Whiteman

Made a few good saves for sure, flapped a few times at crosses and corners though.

This is exactly what I thought. There were a number of times he tried to punch and made a really poor connection. I know nothing about goalkeeping (some might argue football), but I would assume this is the sort of thing that one could practice and improve upon.
Looks very active and invovled with play - I like that in Keepers.
A tad impulsive but understandable and ought to get better with age (I hope).
Good prospect.
Rumour is off to Swedish top flight .. (probably loan)

That'd be good. He's never had a loan and could do with some first team football. Austin has returned from his loan with Orlando, so he can be third choice for the coming season.
Very impressed with everything I have seen of Alfie. Fantastic that he is off to play proper first team football in a reasonable league. Excellent future planning by the club.
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Degerfors first choice keeper is meant to be off the Malmö. So it looks like Paratici has done the impossible and found Alfie a loan where he will be first choice
Saw something around that this Swedish club will be used to receive a couple more loans from us very soon, Paskotski one of them.