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U23s, Academy and Loanees

Mikey Moore Hattrick


He does look a great prospect.
This made me wonder, does our young Croatian centre back play for the U17 team?
He did last year, but not since. Does anyone know what is going on, is he getting any game time whatsoever?
His brother is at Hamburg and his dad is a coach, his cousins play, as did his grandfather, so he should be able to find some game time whilst we wait for 2025...

He is on the bench for today's game
Hopefully we can help find him a decent loan in January
Donley, Dorrington and Phillips started for England U19s in their 5-1 win over Romania, Donley scored 2 and was replaced by Lankshear who also scored.
That Lankshear looked in playing style similar to Fergus at Brighton. We should try and get him a loan in January.

Would really like to see us loan youngsters out more like we used to.
I work with someone who is friends with 16 year old talent Mikey Moore's dad. He has watched him play a few times and says he looks the real deal and a better prospect than when he saw a very young Joe Cole (he's a West Ham fan).

Also, Nike have signed him up for a deal worth over 2million and Mikey doesn't even know he's a millionaire yet:D Apparently his dad and family are really down to earth and keeping him grounded which is great....
Good to see the academy using the same system as the seniors with injuries....

I hope he makes a quick recovery, sounds like he was having a good season