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The 'Hello, I'm New Here' Thread


Ben Alnwick
my name is Luke, I come from Slovakia. I am new to the forum so I want to say hello to all. I do not speak very good English ... If you chose the wrong section I apologize.

Thanks, regards
Whilst times are good...........remember the bad and feel even better

As I have finally come out of the lurker cupboard I though I might as well break the "start a thread" virginity too.

Being a spurs fan for over 30 years now and like most seasoned yids I have lots of good and a few bad memories of the lane. One bad experience I want to share and get off my chest and see if it will lose some of its pain.

23rd December 1978, Home v goons.

I had just started to visit the lane, via the pub, with my mates as a 16 year old, nothing unusual in that only my Dad is a lifelong Gooner.

I cant remember exactly when but i remember queuing up at a previous home match with my mate and we managed to get a couple of tickets each, my extra was for my dad.

When Dad went to footie he always ended up in the players lounge (yes they did exist) in Highbury as he was drinking buddies with Alan Sunderland, so he was slumming it on the Paxton road terrace with me and my mates.

I am not going into detail but we lost 0-5, Stapleton scored one, Brady scored a "classic" and Sunderland got a hat-trick, and so started 34 years of "He never took me again"

jI hope none of you have had this level of humiliation but would be interested in other peoples painful memories of the lane?

Blimey whats happened here?

its been a while since i've been on here, wow its sure changed! I had to re-reg my ID again thankfully it wasnt taken

Hows every? is Marky still talking about his ermmm toilet issues ;) and is Greg still around etc etc? chichester I think was another poster

still really cheesed off about that city game..argghhhh
Hello I am new

A bit about me.

I have supported Spurs for thirty some years, In that time I have paid at the door, been a member and also a season ticket holder.

I was fortunate enough to hold that season ticket under the stewardship of Gerry Francis, Christian Gross and the man with the raincoat

So feel well placed to let the young un's know how lucky they are to be watching this current Spurs Side.

On Moving house to the Wild West I gave up that season ticket and have been a member since.

Bring It!!

hi all,

i don't know if this is the done thing but i'm new to your board and just thought i'd say hello.
looks like a great forum here so thanks for letting me on.
so massive fan since i was about 7, hoddle was my complete hero whe i was growing up and still like the fella.
i'm from belfast married and two kids, 9 and 7 years old and both nicely indoctrinated into following the greatest football club in the world.
so thanks again and go easy on the new guy!

cheers! COYS!!
Hey Guys


I'm wondering whether you would be interested in joining a football forum which brings fans of clubs from all over the world together, from England to Australia and USA to Germany.

It's called off the crossbar and despite being a new forum, we are growing heavily and exceeding our early targets so we think there's a lot of potential in our forum. We encourage healthy debates along with club rivalry to ensure our posters get their say.

Even though it's still the Off Season right now for many leagues we still have a lot football discussion still going, a heap of talk on the Euro's and of course some laid back easy going talk in our general discussion board.

We'd love to have you sign up or at least take a look at our forum which is www.otc-forums.com

Thanks for reading,

Off The Crossbar.
Spurs page is good but some of the latest news about the Champions league heating up is so old you might as well have nothing there.
Since its a forum for supporters of any clubs, i can see it turning into heated flame wars...

If the moderators are present and decent, maybe it will become an interesting forum to discuss football
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