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*** Official Betting Thread ***

It's so random though, at half time yesterday Burnley had twice the fouls and half the bookings we had.
If every player that pulled us back got a card, that's the rule, our games would be abandoned, it's criminal.

Yeh its hard, refs are either giving it all or nothing, VAR continues to kill my bets, I lost a BTTS bet when the last leg had a goal disallowed for a questionable handball in attack two weeks ago, not happy hahha
Whilst I don't gamble anymore surely there has to be money to be made from card multiples
With the new rules there are so many yellows for literally nothing being given out currently
I made a bit of a killing on this on first two weekends of Championship football and first weekend of PL football. Watched the Championship opener and could see the how the refs were enforcing the rules so went overs on yellows and it took a little while for the bookies to catch up with the new normal.
Robbie is running at a big meeting tomorrow
My fellow owners are in the Royal Box tomorrow
I can't make it as doing new house stuff, fooking typical

Robbie declared for Saturday at Haydock, and it's on mainstream Racing TV too
He is the lowest in the weights by far, also Jockey takes off 5 as he is a an amateur
Decent advantage that with the ground being heavy and muddy

Well if Robbie doesn't run in the Devon National on Friday

Then he could either run at the Festival or the Midlands Grand National - WOW !!!