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Newbie Guide / Dedicated Site Apps / OMTs / Blogs - See first post

scara could you check your pms when you get a chance, some issues with images. thx.
When I create a blog I get the option to add tags to it. However once created I can't seem to find where I can edit the tags?
site problems using mobiles

When I use my S2 it seems pretty hit and miss whether or not I can navigate the site properly, the issue is when I go into SNV it seems all I can go through is the 1st page of every thread. On the front of SNV I hit the thread number and nothing happens. Then other days it seems to show page numbers on both the front page and within the thread giving me the option to see the last post posted.. Is there anything that can be done to make it more reliable!? thanks
Also I think fine that doesn't work why not navagate the full site..I click the link and it seems to take me everytime to a 404 server error page.
I use Tapatalk. It went wrong on the last site, but has worked flawlessly on the new one, would definitely recommend
I browse on my iPhone without any issues at all (besides my attrocious spelling on the touch-screen of course) - the mobile version has been an absolute joy.

Have you tried tapatalk?
You win.
I've been trying to join this place since 1st May, and still can't post.
Obviously you don't want any new memebers.
I give up.
Scara could you change the 'code' for the 8) smiley to :cool: or something, so that lists don't go

Blogs are fudged, can't edit any of them - just gives me a blank field where all the text with forum code should be.