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Pushing Up The Daisies - 2023

He seemed like a really nice guy and he added a lot to London football and the premier league.

More like this please and RIP.
What a player he was.

I feel like I slightly missed seeing him during his peak, which I think was circa 1988-90. That injury just before Italia 90 and his replacement by Schillaci was the first I really remember of him. But he was still great to watch at Sampdoria and then Juventus (the partnership with Ravanelli) in those first years of Football Italia
Was at a standstill on the M25 6 or 7 years ago, traffic going the other way also at a halt. After 10 minutes noticed that the bloke in a Range Rover in the lane opposite, wearing a natty cap and talking animatedly on his phone, was Vialli. He looked across, I waved, he gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. Day made!

Very sad news. An incredible player at his peak and, more importantly, a lovely bloke by all accounts.
It’s a miracle that he lived to 81, but a really sad loss. Coming so soon after Jeff Beck, this is awful news. RIP

“If only I could remember my name” will be getting a spin today.