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Yves Bissouma

Think thats a great signing - absolute bargain at the price

Bentancur, Bissouma, PEH and Skipp gives us a strong core quartet of CMs for next season. Will be interesting to see what happens with Sarr and whether we add Eriksen or similar to given more attacking threat
He wanted CL football, he's got CL football... big step up for him but hopefully he just continues doing what he does.
Not official until the players name move from the “Transfer” thread to the main forum … welcome yves
Really pleased with this - searched my Spurs whatsapp and we'd been discussing him since 2020. Just hope his knees don't go the way of our beast DMs! To think Hojbjerg and Skipp were clear first choice end of last year gives us the kind of depth we need to aim for all over the pitch.
Excellent news....

I've been nervously checking on here all day and gave out a little cheer when I saw his name on the main page and not in the transfer section.. After what chelscum did to us with Willan all those years ago we know that confirmation is vital...

Bissouma looks a very good player and given his age, I can't really think of another midfielder in the premiership I would want ahead of him.... Obviously De Bruyne is pretty decent but he is over 30 now and not somebody we would want to give a five year contract to... Maybe Rice at West ham but he could cost £100 million more....

Bissouma could turn out to be a GREAT player for us and now get Eriksen, Bastoni, Spence and Martinez and we're almost there...

Come on you absolutely beautiful Spurs
Brilliant signing.

Kudos to Paratici for showing what he is about -The narrative has often been he's only signing players from Juve/Italy, yet in fact he is just signing quality and logical signings. Using the free transfer market for Perisic and homegrown Foster who is a quality no.2 keeper, signing one of the best Premier League talents outside the big 6 in Bissouma and clearly covering the Championship market in going for the likes of Spence. This is the most comfortable and confident I have felt with our recruitment for a long time.....
Welcome. Please be awesome.

Think he's a very good addition, think he could very well make himself first choice, even if he doesn't I think we needed the extra DM option either way.

Seems excellent defensively, fairly press resistant, good dribbler. Not a top level passer, but mostly tidy and fairly effective. Think he'll fit well into the current system.

Will leave the ethical questions until more is known, was covered pretty well in the rumours thread.
Random fact for you I am friends with a guy in Brighton who sells watches to the Brighton players. Bissouma is a big watch fan and has brought loads.

Like him as a player but as I know he is a fellow watch enthusiasts I like him even more.

Hope he does not wear them out in London.
Was singing his praises a month ago, saying we should consider a midfielder like him. And we signed the real thing. That is not to say he is the svelt finished article. He's still a bit raw. Needs to nail his passing and shooting and he'll be up there with the very best.
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