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Tottenham Hotspur's melancholy, will it ever end?

Discussion in 'Spurs News & Views' started by spurs' magna carter, 16 Apr 2014.

  1. spurs' magna carter

    spurs' magna carter Sebastien Bassong

    22 Mar 2013
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    I have supported Spurs since June 1995. And there has been one on going problem ever present during the past 19 years, melancholy.

    Even when we have improved, and to be fair over the past 8/9 years we've made up if not fully recovered the on field deficit left by Sugar, there is a constant state of gloom despite at times things going well. In fact when we were miles ahead of the Goons a couple of years ago there was still a feeling that it would end in misery, even when we beat them last year there remained the feeling of everything falling apart and going wrong.

    Recently most of us have pretty much given up, even feeling numb during a last minute winner against Southampton and not caring when coming back from 3 nil down to grab a point at West Brom. After the scaring moment of Munich preceding last year's consecutive end of season collapse and this season's drubbings, which come despite NASA's budget being spent on our squad, they could be forgiven for not caring anymore. Having said that though this constant feeling of 'we will always lose' or giving up has been around for years, maybe even before I started supporting Spurs. Since Munich I have strongly felt that if the club had a stronger meteorology then we would've had no other reason to watch that final other than to laugh at Chelsea's expense.

    Recently a thread on Spurs Community titled 'Self-fulfilling prophecy - a winning meteorology is everything' looked at the following quote from Diego Forlan on Atletico Madrid before their recent ascendancy :


    It sums up the state we're in. With the way fans speak you'd think our motto was actually 'To Dare Is To Fail' because whenever someone suggests a grand target such as winning the league it is immediately dismissed and I personally don't think that's entirely down to opinions of the competition around us but more a complete lack of belief in the club, a melancolic belief that regardless as to what we do, we will always fail.

    A friend recently told me that people are brave because they do things that they're afraid of and with Tottenham there seems to be the opposite with a willingness to hide and put all our eggs into one basket namely called hope. Upon winning the Rugby World Cup in 2011 New Zealand Captain Richie McCaw said in his post match interview that if you just hope to win then when things go wrong you don't know how to react. The problem we have is that when in melancoly all you have left is hope, hope that something will turn up but looking at the current situation that we're in I can't see that happening, we need to something a club, beginning with trophies.

    My thoughts is to rebuild/lower expectation whilst doing what is being reported - bring in very talented youngsters, strengthen in key areas and go all out on the next manager ala Klopp, Van Gaal etc.

    What's yours?
    Last edited: 16 Apr 2014
  2. K.D.D.D.D.Soc

    K.D.D.D.D.Soc Terry Venables

    15 Jan 2012
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    Bermondsey London
    If you can't take a laugh you shouldn't support Spurs!
  3. superfaisty

    superfaisty Nico Claesen

    3 Sep 2012
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    Athleti are a great example of where success comes from- it's been about Diego Simeone, a guy with a vision, total vision for the club and an ability to inspire his players to play for him, and not just play but play with all their hearts for each other.

    For a club like ours without a rich benefactor with deep pockets, we need our own version of DS, or someone similar with a long term vision given a chance to mould our club.

    Some of us thought that was going to be AVB but the club didn't have the patience and AVB didn't have the right players or ability to change things around when needed . TS hasn't had as much chance as AVB but he's proved erratic in behaviour and if anything we've deteriorated as a team in playing terms and a bit like our manager we've been very Jekyll n Hyde.

    I really hope we give someone a proper chance to build something even if it means a few years in the wilderness. But I don't think we'll ever get that- the chairmans not got the balls for it and the fans are fickle as feck. Long term success requires long term planning.

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