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OMT - Spurs v West Ham

Discussion in 'Spurs News & Views' started by parklane1, 14 Oct 2020.


Man of the match

Poll closed 20 Oct 2020.
  1. Kane

  2. Hojbjerg

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  3. N'Dombele

  4. Reguilon

  5. Son

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  1. Spurs7891

    Spurs7891 Dean Austin

    14 Jan 2012
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    This is a typical Spurs performance and result. We have thrown away many 3-0 leads before but never thought it would happen under an experienced and defensive-minded manager like Mourinho. When we went 3-0 up so early, though we would get a comfortable win. But it was really annoying we went to sleep after that and let West Ham make it 3-3 so late in the match. That is what you get for having error-prone defenders like Sanchez and Dier in the team. But our attack have to take the share of the blame for going complacent after scoring the third goal.

    Credit to Son and Kane for the goals. But they really should have scored more goals after that. Kane had all the time in the world to score our fourth goal but hit the post instead. Thought Bale would come on and inspire us but he looked rusty and wasted a great chance to score our fourth goal when the score was 3-2. It looks like Bale will need more time to get back his best.

    Our midfield started the match really well but got complacent as the match progressed. It became worse when Ndombele was replaced by Winks. Winks has to take the blame for their third goal for the way he let the ball ran to the West Ham player. Winks makes too many mistakes to start any match for us.

    Our defence are so error-prone that we have not kept the clean sheet in all the 9 matches this season. So, it was not really surprising that we conceded more goals in this match. Sanchez, just like Dier just does not have the composure to be a reliable defender and it was proven yet again. It was really clumsy the way he scored the own goal for West Ham's crucial second goal which put us under pressure. Others like Aurier has to take his share of the blame for their third goal.

    Results like these always makes us a laughing stock of world football. Mourinho really needs to sort out our defence if we want to achieve something this season.
  2. JerusalemMan

    JerusalemMan Vedran Corluka

    6 Aug 2012
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    Well, I didn't check.
    Managed to watch most of the LASK game muted so I didn't hear the score.
    I got back today.
    Watched the recording.

    Oh my.

    Well, I don't think I want to read this match thread just now. But we will surely see the opening 15 minutes worth of attacking play (and goals) far far more in future games than we see the closing 15 minutes worth of defensive play and goals conceded.

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