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Match ratings - League Cup Final - Chelsea

Discussion in 'Spurs News & Views' started by milo, 1 Mar 2015.

  1. LutonSpurs

    LutonSpurs Eric Dear

    13 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:
    Bentaleb was immense today. 9.

    The rest were good. We conceded two deflected goals. Just bad luck against a team that parked the bus.
  2. Gilzeantoscore

    Gilzeantoscore Mitchell Thomas

    15 Jan 2012
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    That was a problem in itself.
  3. Lilywhite

    Lilywhite Stephen Kelly

    15 Nov 2013
    Likes Received:
    LLORIS 8 - a few top saves, better distribution than usual

    WALKER 6 - his physical skills saved him in difficult situations alot as per but he should have been hooked when it was clear he couldn't continue
    DIER 5 - did okay in some respects but got drawn into Costa's games and should have been sent off before the first half was out
    VERTONGHEN 7 - one of his more solid displays of late
    ROSE 6 - did a decent enough job on Willian, usually wingers get the better of him. It was his attacking game that buckled yesterday

    MASON 5 - just a huffer and puffer, hope he hangs around as a squad player for years to come but lacks quality for the level we aspire
    BENTALEB 7 - probably our best outfield player, kept things ticking although he did have his usual lapses allowing them to bypass him

    TOWNSEND 5 - as frustrating as ever. So one dimensional and thinks he's far better than he is
    ERIKSEN 5 - shockingly poor, didn't get involved nearly enough. Good effort with the freekick though
    CHADLI 5 - stupid freekick to give away for their first, didn't offer much else at either end

    KANE 6 - a lone wolf. Worried he may have been found out in our last few games and will revert to being a 7/10 rather than his recent 9s

    Subs were all 5s.

    Poch gets a 6.
  4. billyiddo

    billyiddo Garth Crooks Staff Member

    14 Jan 2012
    Likes Received:

    a marked improvement on our last performance against Chelsea at Wembley (which was with a better Spurs team and against a worse Chelsea side in fact!)

    i thought Rose, Walker and Bentaleb were the pick of the players yesterday
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  5. Nexus1967

    Nexus1967 Adel Taarabt

    23 Jan 2012
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    I dont think we played badly at all. The fact is we were up against the best team in the prem and one of the best in europe. It was also a Mourinho tactical master class. Everyone was focusing on Matic being missing , but this was a very differant game from WHL where Chelski attacked and were very open at the back. He knew we would have Harry up front on his own so every time he got the ball he had 2 centre backs on him, also Eriksen was practically marked out of the game. Add to that their cynical fouling which they are very good at, for example Ivanovich would just deliberately body check one of our players just inside our half as we were building a break. If it was deeper in their half its a yellow. We get a free kick but the moment is lost as they can re position themselves and get organised. This was happening all the time, add in to that the wind up of Costa I thought our yougsters handled it quite well. Great experience for them and hopefully we can push on next season and still put in a challenge for the top four this season
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