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Leaving Jacksons Ranch

Discussion in 'Randomination' started by Grays_1890, 11 Mar 2019.

  1. Jon

    Jon Ruel Fox

    14 Jan 2012
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    See Crewe Alexandra.
  2. Kandi1977

    Kandi1977 Jimmy McCormick

    16 Jul 2014
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    Where Polarbears live
    I'm not sure what to think. MJ was a messed up guy, but how messed up? It's a shame this comes up after his death. There's always two sides to a story, and this film leaves us only with one of them.
    Also, in the light of all this, why is it only two of them who speaks now? What does the other ones, like Macaulay Caulkin, Omar Batti and others gain from denying sexual abuse, if there was such? What do they have to lose by telling, if something really went on?
    The film raises just as many questions as it answers.
    I'm really split as to what to believe.
  3. dawaxman

    dawaxman Steven Caulker

    14 Jan 2012
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    Anyone listened to the lyrics of the track 'Will you be there' since watching Leaving Neverland?

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