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New Profile Posts

  1. monkeybarry
    monkeybarry SpurMeUp
    Hey mate.
    Just wanted to say cheers for the sponsorship. Really kind of you.
  2. mephitis
    mephitis paxtonwolf
    SF tickets for members! Get it sorted mate!
  3. SpurMeUp
    SpurMeUp Danishfurniturelover
    Danish! Whats going on! Looking forward to your next post.
  4. We are Tottenham
    We are Tottenham Spursalot
    Your avatar is brilliant..lol
    How come you only have 9 likes?
    1. spurspinter1 likes this.
  5. Stearle
  6. Aldo
    Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
  7. HarryHotSpur31
    Eating chips and cheese
  8. Danishfurniturelover
    Fighting the good fight,
  9. Kandi1977
    Kandi1977 JamieOtero
    Welcome to the forum Jamie!
  10. Lucaecari
    Your guide through the finest fruits of Mother Earth.
  11. AjaxDeSuperYids
    I have been given a fake avatar by a fake 'moderator'!!! Bad!
    1. wiziwig likes this.
  12. Jurgen the German
    Jurgen the German
    Wind Turbines...I'm a big fan
  13. Yermiyahu
    I feel love!
  14. Favour
    Don't take it all so seriously...
  15. Jordinho
    I'm a pickle
  16. galeforce
    angry about incorrectly awarded handball decisions
  17. Karen01
    All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust
  18. Solaar
    Who would win in a fight between a Polar Bear and a Sh*tzu?
  19. johnola
  20. johnola