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Season Ticket Renewal Talk

Discussion in 'Spurs News & Views' started by billyiddo, 12 Mar 2018.

  1. Grays_1890

    Grays_1890 Mitchell Thomas

    1 Feb 2012
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    At WHL I had a couple of years price freeze if I seem to remember right, how many price freezes have we had in the last 5 years?
  2. Finney Is Back

    Finney Is Back Paul Stalteri

    26 Jan 2012
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    I see the trust are still moaning at the loss of the first two Cup games from the ST package. I think I prefer not having the Cup game in the ST package as it means people buy tickets for these games and actually attend instead of having thousands of empty seats from ST holders who don't fancy it. The pricing for the Cup games has also been good this year IMO and I think having those cheaper prices and concessions in all areas of the stadium is allowing a lot of extra fans to come and watch Spurs.
  3. parklane1

    parklane1 Paul Stewart

    15 Jan 2012
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    That is something they are good at.

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