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Discussion in 'Spurs News & Views' started by AuroRaman, 1 Jan 2014.

  1. Sandman

    Sandman Roman Pavlyuchenko

    14 Jan 2012
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    Montreal, Canada
    It's all getting out of hand on Twitter. Some really bad racist and anti semetic comments. Just check Stan collymore and Gary Linekers twitters.
  2. Spurs7891

    Spurs7891 Mauricio Taricco

    14 Jan 2012
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    Really disappointed about the performance and result. Thought we would do enough to get a draw and force a replay at WHL. Instead, we couldn't lift the game and went down tamely without much fight. This was Sherwood's first real test as manager and he failed in it. Thought this being a Cup match against our hated rival Arsenal will be enough to motivate the players. But some of them played as if it was a friendly match.

    Sherwood has to take the large part of the blame as he didn't use the squad properly. As soon as I saw Bentaleb was starting, knew we will lose this match. It seems like Sherwood didn't take the match seriously. Don't understand why we need to start an inexperienced youngster in an important Cup match like this. With his experience and tenacity Capoue should have started instead. Atleast that would have stopped Arsenal from dominating our midfield. Instead Bentaleb was poor and Arsenal outplayed our midfield. Also don't understand why Sherwood replaced Soldado with Chadli immediately after we went down 2-0. It seems as if Sherwood wanted to avoid losing by a bigger margin instead of trying to get back into the game.

    Was very disappointed with Adebayor and Soldado. Thought Adebayor will be up for this match but he was largely anonymous, apart from a mis hit shot in the second half. Soldado wasted a few goal scoring chances. Annoyingly, Soldado didn't even put any shot on target. Despite that, don't understand why Sherwood replaced Soldado with Chadli. He should have replaced Soldado with Kane instead. It was really annoying we went down without much fight against Arsenal.

    Our midfield were the main cause for this defeat. They just couldn't lift their game and couldn't match Arsenal's midfield. Eriksen should have done better with the one-on-one chance he had in the first half. Not sure if that would have made any difference as that was our only real chance of the match. Dembele did well with his long range shot in the second half but it lacked the power to trouble the Arsenal goalie. Expected Lennon to trouble the Arsena defence more but he had a poor game as well.

    Our defence really let us down in this match. It was annoying to see Arsenal having all the time in the world to score the first goal. We should have been more alert to cover the Arsenal player. Maybe Lloris could have covered his goal more instead of being easily beaten from that range. Rose didn't do us any favour with his school boy mistake which resulted in their second half. This is why I hate it when defenders try to dribble from defence. We should always prefer safety-first defending which is to clear the ball at first try instead of trying to be too clever like Rose.

    Really disappointed we are now out of the FA Cup so early. Don't think Sherwood gave any chance for us to get anything out of this match due to wrong strategy. We should have played for a draw to force the replay. Now we have to wait another year to try to win back the FA cup which we used to dominate.
  3. Jordinho

    Jordinho Tony Marchi Staff Member

    14 Jan 2012
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    Next season
    Police are examining antisemitic tweets posted after an Arsenal-Spurs clash that saw winger Theo Walcott and St John Ambulance staff pelted with missiles.

    Scotland Yard confirmed it is assessing the messages that referred to the Holocaust and is liaising with both clubs over the objects that were thrown.

    A spokesman said: "We're aware of antisemitic messages posted on Twitter following Arsenal v Tottenham on Saturday 4 January – an assessment is under way."

    Walcott was apparently pelted with coins as he was stretchered off after injuring his knee during the north London derby.

    The incident is being looked at as part of Operation Arrowtip, which focuses on football-related crime.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "The Metropolitan police service is aware of incidents during the Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur match on Saturday 4 January, where a number of objects were thrown from home and away sections of the crowd.

    "The MPS takes all such incidents seriously. Officers from Operation Arrowtip are investigating and are liaising with both clubs and the Football Association over these incidents."

    The FA confirmed that it has contacted Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur over the missile-throwing and said it will back the harshest punishments possible, including life-long bans.

  4. Craig_J

    Craig_J Alan Hutton

    19 Feb 2012
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    Doubt anything will be done about it, but the police will probably look out for tweets that say "Yid" and prosecute all the Spurs fans who have used it.
  5. chicken_badge

    chicken_badge Gudni Bergsson

    6 Feb 2012
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    To be fair the police have been quite reasonable about spurs fans using the word yid. The fuss is coming elsewhere .

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