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New Profile Posts

  1. Simon Cook
    Simon Cook
    Interested in anything and everything BBQ
  2. Bedfordspurs
    I've got the eyes to make da mookey
  3. jonathanhotspur
    Seriously? Ben Alnwick?
  4. Dr Rosenrosen
    Dr Rosenrosen
    Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches.
  5. johnola
    Staying out for the summer
  6. johnola
    On leave, sunburnt and In my cups.
  7. Daisuk
    Gareth Dangleberry
  8. lifelong
    I have seen the glory....I have seen the ****....i WILL see the glory again
  9. HotspurSam
    HotspurSam Mattilda Collywobs
    Hi, from your previous posts it seems that you have some insight into the NDP. Because of this I am wondering if you have info to impart about the Historic England'd request to Sec of State to call-in the application.

    Thank you

  10. Jordinho
    Scratch that
  11. Jordinho
    All hail the power of Robbie Savage's underpants
  12. pakispur
    Spurs since 67
  13. Earz
  14. Kandi1977
    I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it left.
  15. AVB
    AVB scaramanga
    Hi there sorry to bother you any chance of a link to your 15£ a month site cheers
  16. Rock Strongo
    Rock Strongo
    FYI: Will be playing pokergolf this weekend.
  17. We are Tottenham
    We are Tottenham milo
    Milo...thanks for changing my member name...thats cool..Coys...
  18. We are Tottenham
    We are Tottenham milo
    Milo..I hope you get this..OK. I'm currently "super spurs"
    I was, "We are Tottenham" ...before this name..could I go back to that?
    or "Christian yid" LOL PM me back if any problems..I dont normally
    use this..If only I was more of an Itech person..anyway..coys...LOL
  19. StephenH
    I do not make predictions - kiss of death
  20. alekaras
    There's this player AlliSon who I hear is pretty good...