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New Profile Posts

  1. Kandi1977
    Kandi1977 JamieOtero
    Welcome to the forum Jamie!
  2. Lucaecari
    Your guide through the finest fruits of Mother Earth.
  3. AjaxDeSuperYids
    I have been given a fake avatar by a fake 'moderator'!!! Bad!
    1. wiziwig likes this.
  4. Jurgen the German
    Jurgen the German
    Wind Turbines...I'm a big fan
  5. Yermiyahu
    I feel love!
  6. Favour
    Don't take it all so seriously...
  7. Jordinho
    I'm a pickle
  8. galeforce
    angry about incorrectly awarded handball decisions
  9. Karen01
    All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust
  10. 3DSpur
    The bloke formally known as StrictlySpurs
  11. Solaar
    Who would win in a fight between a Polar Bear and a Sh*tzu?
  12. johnola
  13. johnola
  14. paxtonwolf
    paxtonwolf Notmegov
    I use FirstRowSports when I need a body of running water
    1. Notmegov
      Thank you kind sir..
      19 Mar 2017
  15. GinolaGinolaGinola
    I have to return some videotapes.
  16. Roland Beurre
    Roland Beurre
    This year, I am mostly giving up pedantry
  17. Simon Cook
    Simon Cook
    Interested in anything and everything BBQ
  18. Bedfordspurs
    I've got the eyes to make da mookey
  19. jonathanhotspur
    Seriously? Ben Alnwick?
  20. Dr Rosenrosen
    Dr Rosenrosen
    Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches.