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Work Work Work Work Work

Discussion in 'Randomination' started by Grays_1890, 5 Mar 2019.

  1. Grays_1890

    Grays_1890 Gerry Armstrong

    1 Feb 2012
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    But thats interesting, because sometimes I would and have been in the pub having a coffee and just conversing with people I enjoy the company of. Does not always have to be drink related. But I have never been and never will be one to go "Ohhh I was in the pub today and had a coffee" or self publicise.

    Its funny how people view things, really funny.
  2. nayimfromthehalfwayline

    nayimfromthehalfwayline Cecil Poynton

    14 Jan 2012
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    lobbing seaman from 50 yards

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