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Site rules and infraction points - Updated 01/02/2014

Discussion in 'Classic Threads' started by milo, 28 Jul 2013.

  1. milo

    milo Vivian Woodward Staff Member

    14 Jan 2012
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    Site rules and infraction points - Updated 01/02/2014

    Note to all new members

    Everyone who signs up to this forum automatically goes on post moderation for a period of time to weed out wind up merchants and spam. You will have your moderation lifted after a few posts when we determine your intentions. Please bear with us on this, your posts have been made and when an admin is available we will approve them.

    Infraction points

    This site operates infraction points which work a bit like points on a driving license. Breaking the site rules will result in infraction points being issued. Warnings can be considered suspended infractions, where repeat offenders will be infracted.

    Below are the infraction points that you can expect to earn for breaking the site rules.


    In most instances we will issue a warning for first time breaches of the site rules.

    Minor infraction (10 points) (expires after two months)

    Aiming expletives at another poster, telling someone to **** off, calling them stupid or similar. Minor things, often in the heat of the moment, but unacceptable none the less. These points will automatically expire after a while, but they'll be in our archives.

    Medium infraction (30 points):

    Any repeat offenders, graver personal insults and complaints about admin actions.

    Major infraction (120 points):

    Sustained, repeated or aggravated violation of the site rules

    Bans from Glory-Glory

    Temporary bans from the site will be issued when posters reach certain levels of infraction points.

    30 infraction points - one day ban
    60 infraction points - one week ban
    90 infraction points - one month ban
    120 infraction points (and every 30 points thereafter) - three month ban

    When you are banned from the site you are unable to log into your account, so you cannot read or send PMs or post on the board.

    The admin team will consider removing infraction points if a poster does not receive any warnings or infractions for six month period after a ban has been served.

    Permanent bans

    We don't want to permanently ban posters if it can be avoided, hence the change in rules/punishments, however in some circumstances it is a necessary course of action and we reserve the right to permanently ban any poster whose presence on the board is considered to be of serious detriment to the quality of the forum and the atmosphere we'd all like to have on Glory-Glory.

    What we expect

    We expect everyone posting here to do so in a positive manner and to always treat other posters with respect. Posting in an aggressive, hostile or dismissive manner is unwelcome and will not be tolerated.

    Try not to annoy or provoke other posters. Things that can be annoying include:

    • posting the same thing repeatedly
    • taking a them v us attitude
    • starting multiple threads on the same subject
    • holding grudges
    • being argumentative
    • calling for other posters to be banned
    • criticising the admin team on the forums
    • not naming or providing links to rumours or stories
    • ignoring a request from a member of the admin team
    • frivolous reporting of posts

    This is not intended to be an exhaustive list and the admin team will deal with other issues as they arise. If a member of the admin team ask you to do something (or stop doing something) or offer advice on how you post on the forums, please follow it. Posters who do not follow advice or requests from the admin team may receive formal warnings or infraction points.

    The admins are not here 24/7 and posts can be missed. If you think that another poster has broken the site rules, instead of responding or retaliating, report it using the button at the bottom of every post, this is what it is there for. It is policy for us not to respond to the reporter of posts or discuss what action (if any) has been taken. Whilst you may not be able to see whether any action has been taken, rest assured that all reported posts are noted and discussed by the admin team.

    The following will never be tolerated here:

    Abuse, name calling, digs, hostile rumours or making snide or derogatory comments about another poster.

    Discriminatory language
    Discriminatory language is not nice and is against Google Ads' rules. If you use it you risk ****ing people off and cutting off the income that keeps this site running.

    Libellous and defamatory statements
    We don't much fancy ending up in court because of something that you have said. If you cannot back up a statement, don't make it.

    Sexual images
    Sexual images are not allowed to be posted on this site apart from in the Vice Den.

    Links to streaming sites
    We have been informed by the club that it is illegal for us to promote/advertise links to streams for games. Please don't post links to or ask for links to streaming sites.

    The resale of tickets to football matches is an offence under section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

    Commenting/speculating about upcoming or current court cases
    Commenting or speculating against upcoming or current court cases can be against the law. Please do not repeat rumours about upcoming court cases, this includes repeating rumours from social media or other websites. As a general rule, avoid mentioning what isn't be reported in the mainstream UK press.

    Multiple accounts
    Multiple accounts are only allowed with the permission of the admin team. If you re-register with the site please get in touch with an admin and let us know.

    Adverts/scams/affiliate schemes/etc.
    Please do not post anything to do with the above without the explicit permission of an admin.​

    The admin team are not perfect and we make mistakes. If you are unhappy with the actions of a member of the admin team please PM another administrator. If the admin team agree that the action taken was unfair then the admin in question will be warned and a public apology issued. Continued unnecessary actions from the admin will result in a removal of admin status. Complaints or digs at the administrators on the site will not be tolerated.

    Currently your admins are:


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