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Thread: Gareth Bale - Sold to Real Madrid p. 562

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bale View Post
    Bale need's to be sent back to his roots like Rocky when he lost to Clubber Lang.

    He has lost some of that burning desire and hunger.
    Yep, exactly what it looks like to me. He's a fantastic player, but it looks like he's playing with his head up his **** at the moment. The sickening thing for me was when he was on the box the other week and the interviewer asked him if Harry had asked him to mix his game up a bit. He replied that it was actually his agent that had encouraged him to drift inside. Blatantly wanting to position him as CR7. As many people have said, start on the left, suss the full back out and then wander inside if it's NOT working. Easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DubaiSpur View Post
    Exactly. Bale mainly to the left, puts in a fantastic cross, Walker goal. Puts in three more dangerous crosses, all hurriedly, painfully cleared by Bolton. Has a free header which he should have done better with on the inside-left channel, from Benny's cross. All in all, he looked far more dangerous yesterday in forty minutes spent mainly on the left than he had for the five games before that spent wandering.

    Stick to what you know, lad. Everything else will come along in time.

    i remember that charlie adam tackle at 2:36 that put bale out for a few weeks.

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    Bale broken metatarsal!


    Gareth Bale looks set to miss the rest of the season after suffering a suspected fractured metatarsal in a training ground challenge ahead of Sunday's clash at White Hart Lane with Swansea.

    The Wales winger is certain to miss today's game and will nervously await the results of a scan that could rule him out for the season and even put his chances of playing in this summer's London Olympics at risk.

    Bale has been in fine form for Tottenham this season, scoring 10 Premier League goals, and his absence will be a huge blow for Tottenham in the race for a place in next season's Champions League.

    More to follow

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    You total **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Never argue with idiots. They'll take you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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    William Gallas
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    Go back to bed mate.

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    I do hope you havent jinxed him now!

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    I almost believed it due to our injury problems this season !

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    Most obvious I've seen today.

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    He's still a greedy ******* though

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    ****ing got me hook, line and ****ing sinker!! Proper gullible me lol.

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    Top marks OP...I believed you! The mark of a good April Fool.

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