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Thread: ****star to the prom

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    ****star to the prom

    This kid is the definition of a hero/legend.

    By Rosa Golijan

    A high school student recently posted over 600 Twitter messages in an attempt to get a **** star almost any female **** star, really to be his prom date. He got lucky and found one who'd happily attend the dance with him, but then his school's administration banned the adult entertainer from the venue. Now the young man and his date are taking to Twitter together, this time in an attempt to arrange an alternate (and more open-minded) prom.

    While this sounds like the beginning of a ridiculous teen comedy movie, it is actually the very real story of 18-year-old Mike Stone and 19-year-old Megan Piper.

    The Daily Dot's Fernando Alfonso reports that Stone, a Minnesota-based high school senior, says he "was just thinking of doing something new" when he began tweeting messages to **** stars (as well as several other celebrities). "I was like, lets try it out and see if it works. I just think theyre really cute and I wish I had one for a prom date," the student told Alfonso.

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    Several hundred tweets later, Stone had his date. Adult entertainer Megan Piper said yes she'd come as long as the student paid for her transportation from Los Angeles to Oakdale, where the prom was taking place. Stone didn't have the funds to cover the expense available, but tweets indicate that he was quickly raising the necessary money via the micro-blogging service.

    Both he and Piper were excited about the event.

    "I have dinner planned out and I'll have, like a limo," he told her during their first phone conversation, according to ABC affiliate KSTP.

    "I never went to prom," Piper tweeted in the meantime. She told KSTP's Mark Saxenmeyer that she was happy that she'd finally get a prom experience after missing her own. She added, "I don't plan to show up butt naked or anything. I'm going to wear a pretty prom dress!"

    Unfortunately Piper may not get her prom experience after all. According to a statement officials from Stone's school, Tartan High, provided to KSTP, the date was a no-go:

    {T}hey said Megan Piper's"attendance would be prohibited under Tartan's standard prom procedures and would be inconsistent with two school district policies." Those policies, among other things, refer to keeping the school safe from "activity that may be disruptive."

    After hearing the news, Diven Stone the student's mother reportedly remarked, "it's not like they're going to have sex there or make a movie. I bet if his date were someone like Mariah Carey, though, they would have paid to fly her here."

    Now Stone and Piper are diligently tweeting in an attempt to find a place to celebrate prom despite the school's objections.


    No word as to whether the pair has found an alternate prom venue just yet. We have reached out to both for comments.

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