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Mirko Ranieri - 2011/12 - Esperia Viareggio

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8th February 1992 (20)


Lega Pro
Prima Divisione

8th August 2011
to End of Season
20 Appearances
1 Subbed On
3 Unused Sub
14 Not In Squad

35 Conceded
1 Clean Sheet

Joined the Spurs academy full-time in the 2008/09 season from Italian side Perugia and on 09 Nov 2009 joined the Ipswich youth team for the season, but his loan spell was cut short when he suffered a broken leg. Having last played for a Spurs XI side against Reading on 15 Mar 2011, he also joined Conference South side Basingstoke Town on 18 Feb 2011 for a month's loan where he played 2 games.

Now on a season-long loan in the Italian 3rd Division, the former U-17 Italy international had played half the season, in every game except the first, until he lost his place after a very poor match against Carpi on 15 Jan 2012. The club then signed 36 year old goalkeeper Massimo Gazzoli a few days later and has since dropped to 3rd choice behind Giorgio Merlano. Fans of Viareggio had not been happy with him and could not understand why the manager perservered with him as long as he did. Even since a change of manager on 20 Feb 2012 he remained out of the match day squads and is unlikely to play again this season.

An unofficial source has his contract expiring at the end of the 2014 season.

46' Subbed On
10.08.2011 vs Empoli (A) 0-3 (L) Friendly (Pre-season)
Came off the bench at half time and conceded 2 goals as Viareggio started their campaign.

The goalkeeper Ranieri misses the return, Lamorte intercepts the ball from Cesaretti who centers for Coralli to make it 2-0.
Not In Squad
17.08.2011 vs Virtus Entella (H) 1-1 (D) Coppa Italia Lega Pro (Preliminary Round, Group E, Round 1)
Unable to play in this game as his registration had not come through yet.
Not In Squad
24.08.2011 vs Poggibonsi (H) 2-2 (D) Coppa Italia Lega Pro (Preliminary Round, Group E, Round 2)
Transfer still has not been completed so was still unable to play.
Not In Squad
28.08.2011 vs Gavorrano (A) 0-0 (D) Coppa Italia Lega Pro (Preliminary Round, Group E, Round 3)
Third draw in a row and he still hasn't had his transfer registered yet.
31.08.2011 vs Borgo a Buggiano (A) 0-1 (L) Coppa Italia Lega Pro (Preliminary Round, Group E, Round 4)
Finally had his papers come through and made his cup debut for the club as they went out with this defeat to lower league opposition.

Ranieri is responsive and saves really well.

Maltese naively loses the ball on the middle of the field at the expense of Rocchi, who immediately passes centrally at Santini beating the blameless Ranieri.
Unused Sub
04.09.2011 vs Ternana (A) 0-1 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 1)
Made the bench for this match as Giorgio Merlano was chosen for the first league game of the season.
11.09.2011 vs Carpi (H) 2-3 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 2)
Made his league debut for the club and put in a good performance.
18.09.2011 vs Spal (A) 0-1 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 3)
Unfortunate to lose the game and miss out on a clean sheet.

In goal after good performance against the Carpi is confirmed Ranieri.

The home team, while making the game, failed to trouble goalkeeper bianconero Ranieri until 40 ' when Rossi after an escape on the ball at the Centre puts for weapon of head hits the goalpost Viareggio.

Taraschi (suspected offside) with a nice twist beats the shot past goalkeeper Ranieri

25.09.2011 vs Avellino (H) 0-1 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 4)
Another defeat by a single goal.

Zigoni stands well in the area and scores with a header past the blameless Ranieri.
02.10.2011 vs Taranto (A) 0-2 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 5)
Fifth league defeat in a row since the start of the season.

09.10.2011 vs Foggia (A) 1-1 (D) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 6)
Finally not on the losing side.

Ranieri is alert and pushes away with his fists.
12.10.2011 vs Monza (H) 1-1 (D) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 7)
Second draw in a row as fortunes begin to change.
16.10.2011 vs Pavia (A) 2-1 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 8)
Finally on the winning side, in his 7th game.

Ranieri with a great reflex save for a corner.
11' Yellow Card
23.10.2011 vs Como (H) 1-2 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 9)
First booking of the season and back to losing ways.
30.10.2011 vs Lumezzane (A) 0-1 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 10)
The manager Agenore Maurizi had left the day before this game due to technical differences with the board and this game was managed by assistant coach Francesco Bertolucci.

Ranieri closes the angle and thwarts the danger.
06.11.2011 vs Sorrento (H) 2-2 (D) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 11)
The team is still managerless after the sacking of Agenore Maurizi.

A free kick that engages Ranieri, however, good at saving in two stages.
70' Yellow Card
13.11.2011 vs Pro Vercelli (A) 0-2 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 12)
It was announced the day before the match that assistant coach Francesco Bertolucci would remain as manager until the end of the season.

Very good header to beat the blameless Ranieri.

20.11.2011 vs Foligno (H) 1-0 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 13)
His first clean sheet of the season at the 14th time of asking and the club's first in 13 league games. Regardless of this, it is the first time the natives started to get on his back.

Ranieri to be reviewed ... (I agree with alfredo, is not up ..)

Alas I made an observation that Ranieri is not worthy or perhaps not ready still being young

Ranieri exits are really bad and you can not deny .... better between posts but not one of those goalkeepers that gives you security.
25.11.2011 vs Pisa (A) 0-2 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 14)

Ranieri is alert and claims the ball.

With a shot blocked by Ranieri very well.

04.12.2011 vs Reggiana (H) 2-1 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 15)
Only his third taste of victory so far and a good performance.

Ranieri saved the result on 2-1.

The only thing about Ranieri that he made some good saves.

Ranieri, perhaps too out of the goal, into the goalkeeper's left.

Reggiana pours forth and in 82' came close to equalise but was stopped by goalkeeper Ranieri who blocks the shot.
11.12.2011 vs Benevento (A) 1-5 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 16)
Heaviest defeat of the season and he was to blame for the 3rd goal which deflated the team.

Ranieri stops not perfectly the ball onto the feet of Vacca who bags for the 3 to 1.

Ranieri who let a ball slip that even my cat would have stopped (it is useless to continue to defend him, he is not ready for C1)

In the first half, Ranieri did at least two notable interventions. The only error is the 3rd goal.

Ranieri is not of class and the goalkeeper matters indeed.
19.12.2011 vs Tritium (H) 0-1 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 17)
At fault for the winning goal.

Roberto Bertolotto who notices the goal unguarded and hits a shot that bypasses Ranieri for host advantage.

Ranieri and Scardina is time to put them aside! I'm not saying that we are in this situation is only their fault, but that's enough!

Significant limitations for Ranieri.
08.01.2012 vs Ternana (H) 0-3 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 18)

At 57' the Ternana third goal was a header that Ranieri was not at fault for.

I go in partnership to give 100 euro instead of seeing Ranieri in goal ...

To err is human but to persevere is diabolical. In reviewing the actions of the TV, I realize that until you will play Merlano, we will continue to take goals, as Ranieri despite being a nice guy, does not have the stomach for C1. Moreover, the whole back line is psychologically affected by the insecurity.
15.01.2012 vs Carpi (A) 0-3 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 19)
Disastrous game for the young keeper who has not performed at all well in the last few games.

Carpi took the lead thanks to a serious error of Ranieri as the ball is seen to pass in his hands.

The first half ends with the advantage of Carpi and Ranieri who apologizes to teammates.

Carpi taking advantage of a new uncertainty force Ranieri to beat away a ball to his right.

In Carpi two gifts Ranieri.

But Ranieri has once again seen fit to pull out of the hat one of his circus performance with two clumsy interventions, not attributable to a goalkeeper's first division.

I think at this point Ranieri, you should sit on the bench. In Merlano, awaiting Gazzoli.

With the arrival of Gazzoli, there will be no more Figbirds for anybody. Ranieri has been shown to be immature for the league.

Gazzoli arrived, so in addition to Ranieri, Merlano also rejected. Let's hope so.
Not In Squad
22.01.2012 vs Spal (H) 2-0 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 20)
Dropped from the side following his terrible performance last week and series of poor performances in recent weeks. Viareggio have bought 36 year old keeper Massimo Gazzoli and put him straight into the side whilst Giorgio Merlano makes the bench.
Unused Sub
29.01.2012 vs Avellino (A) 0-2 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 21)
Back on the bench in place of Giorgio Merlano.
Unused Sub
05.02.2012 vs Taranto (H) 0-0 (D) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 22)
The young keeper seems to have dropped to 3rd choice now as Gazzoli had the flu but Giorgio Merlano, who had only played in the first game of the season, started this game in his place.
Not In Squad
12.02.2012 vs Foggia (H) 0-2 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 23)
Not even on the bench, which confirms his status as now third-choice keeper.
Not In Squad
25.02.2012 vs Monza (A) 3-0 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 24)
Viareggio changed their manager on 20 Feb 2012 however he is still out of the squad. No mention of him on the forums which suggests the fans are happy to see him out of the team
Not In Squad
04.03.2012 vs Pavia (H) 1-3 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 25)
Has now not played since his bad performance against Carpi on the 15th Jan 2012.
Not In Squad
11.03.2012 vs Como (A) 2-1 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 26)
Once again out of the match day squad and not even on the bench since 05 Feb 2012.
Not In Squad
18.03.2012 vs Lumezzane (H) 4-0 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 27)
It remains to be seen whether he will be recalled from his loan spell as he is nowhere to be seen for the fifth game in a row.
Not In Squad
25.03.2012 vs Sorrento (A) 0-3 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 28)
Six games out of the squad and counting.
Not In Squad
01.04.2012 vs Pro Vercelli (H) 0-1 (L) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 29)
Seven and counting.
Not In Squad
04.04.2012 vs Foligno (A) 1-1 (D) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 30)
Not In Squad
22.04.2012 vs Reggiana (A) 1-1 (D) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 31)
Matches were postponed last week due to the death of Italian footballer Piermario Morosini, on the pitch during a Serie B match. Ranieri still not even on the bench.
Not In Squad
25.04.2012 vs Pisa (H) 2-0 (W) Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Round 32)
Re-arranged match from postponed fixtures of the 15 Apr 2012. This is now the eleventh game in a row Ranieri has been out of the squad, with two games left to go.

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