Spurs podcast review

I’ve been looking for a reason to write a review of all the Spurs podcasts available. I usually listen to all the ones listed below and enjoy them so hope that this will be useful if you are new to podcasts or would like some guidance on which ones to subscribe to.

Rule the Roost

Weekly: Tuesday/Wednesday

This is my favourite of all the Spurs pods. It is presented by all of, or a combination of ‘tehtrunk’, Raj Baines and Seb Stafford-Bloor. The unique factor of RtR is that they invite a fan from our upcoming opponents onto the show to help preview the upcoming fixture. This allows for a more rounded match preview and will give you a valuable insight into another club.

Perhaps disappointingly an opposing fan has not been on as often recently but it must surely be difficult to find an eloquent and interesting supporter available at the right time to record an interview each week.

This pod appeals to me because of the humour and inane ability of the presenters to discuss the merits of Spurs’ right side and the latest happenings on Great British Bake Off in the turn of a sentence. You will have to buy into the banter between the guys and be prepared to listen to discussions about completely non-Spurs or football issues. However, they did mix a very healthy blend of rationality, humour and genuine insight to produce an excellent weekly pod.

The Fighting Cock

Weekly: Tuesday/Wednesday

One of the more well-known podcasts. The show is presented each week by ‘Flav’ who is also behind the 1882 movement which some of you will be aware of. There are a pool of co-presenters (Spooky, Alex from Bristol, Bardi, T, Ricky, Windy) who seem to operate on a rota basis meaning there is always a good variety of voices and opinions.

The show is very laddish and you should probably avoid listening with your Mum. Amongst all the Spurs chat there will also be discussions around poo and self-pleasure. However, behind all the bluster the team work very hard to produce a highly entertaining and thought provoking pod which will resonate with long-term fans – the 1882 movement underpins the narrative of the show; as well as discussing on the field matters in a very measured and rational manner I love the fact that pod is very much about how we all support Spurs and the ways that has changed over the years.

One of the best elements of the pod is the weekly update on our Youth teams and players out on loan. This is presented by ‘Windy’ – what this guy doesn’t know about the Spurs Academy isn’t worth knowing.

The Spurs Show

Weekly: Tuesday

This pod is definitely for an older generation of Spurs fans and I think that this goes some way to accounting for the supposed ‘negativity’ of the show. Traditionally this was presented by Phil Cornwall who despite the enthusiasm does slow the show down with some dated impressions. Mike Leigh or Theo Delaney usually host the pod and are joined by some well known Spurs celebrity fans and journalists.

This is an easy listen and I dismiss the criticism of being too negative. The pod also has at least two live shows each year and they have attracted some high profile ex-players including Glenn Hoddle, Ledley King and Jimmy Greaves. These live shows take place in London and a great night but are also recorded so can be listened to as a podcast too.

The Hotspurs Podcast

Weekly: Wednesday

It’s simplicity is its beauty. Two Spurs fans – Steve from Essex and Colin from Northern Ireland – discuss their views on the most recent and upcoming games and anything else important to do with Tottenham Hotspur. Steve can irritate me a little with his ‘I’m always right attitude’ but the pair will have healthy debate about topical Spurs issues. They have also managed to interview some ex-players and these are usually made available during the off-season and well worth listening to.

Echoes of Glory

Weekly: Wednesday

Like the Hotspurs Podcast this is a very simple format with two or three Spurs fans discussing topical Spurs issues. The guys provide a solid if not spectacular weekly podcast in a measured and interesting manner. There is a fantastic Spurs jingle recorded for the start and end (in full) of each pod.

Oh When the Spurs

6-8 weekly

Presented by Antony Costa (from Blue) and ‘Crackers’ this occasional podcast is perhaps pound for pound the best listen. Ant and Crackers have a great rapport and always welcome a well known celebrity Spurs fan. Sometimes there can be too much rapport between the two of them but you can tell they love recording and discussing Spurs. Last season Barry Davies was the guest and this provided for one of my favourite podcasts of all-time.

Recording every 6-weeks or so allows them to evaluate the team and individual’s performances over a longer period of time which often creates a more measured and considered review. It’s just frustrating that the pod appears to have become so adhoc as it’s such a good listen.


Weekly: Tuesday/Wednesday

I’m not sure what has happened to this pod as three of the regular co-presenters (Adie, John and Coatesy aren’t on anymore). This is again a fairly solid listen which I always try to find time for but wouldn’t prioritise over the others.

Tottenham Family Podcast

Weekly: Sunday/Monday

Presented by Javed this pod benefits from being recorded very soon after the weekend game meaning that its often the first one available to listen to. As a fairly new pod with a rota of co-presenters it lacks a natural chemistry between presenters and can appear a little clumsy at times. That said, it is improving and includes contributors from around the world from season-ticket holders to the Head of the Johannesburg supporters club. There is a quite sweet segment called ‘The forward line’ which previews statistically the upcoming game.

Hotspur America

Weekly: Sunday/Monday

I wrongly thought that this was purely for new-generation Spurs fans from the US. Whilst it may be aimed at this audience they do also have some well known contributors including Julie Welch and Rob White and having listened to a few more episodes I am beginning to get fonder of the show. It is also recorded quite early on in the week when not many other’s are available.

The Tottenham Way


This is new for this season; I heard one show and was quite impressed with some of the tactical insight but there doesn’t appear to have been one recorded since.

The only pod I don’t like is Hotspur’s Half-Hour. I believe this is co-presented by the online ‘personality’ Harry Hotspur. Not sure even whether the show is still being produced – it was weekly – but I would avoid as I found both presenters to be quite obnoxious and overly self-righteous.

Overall I would recommend that you listen to all of the above Spurs pods. They all have their little quirks and annoyances which you’ll have to judge for yourselves. I’m incredibly envious of all the people who produce these high quality podcasts and provide a platform to discuss Spurs.